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The Possibilities Are Endless

A pop-up shop should expand your opportunities, not restrict them.
With an adaptable venue like Canvas, there’s no limit to the opportunities for your shop, gallery, or event. Distinct yet connected spaces provide unparalleled versatility at this multi-level venue. Use the atrium or foyer as in-between spaces for easy flow or dedicate one to a bar or refreshment area.

Store inventory in the two private suites or reserve them as VIP lounges or changing areas. Expand the shopping into the second-floor mezzanine or set up cocktail tables and let your guests enjoy a glass of wine while viewing the scene below. Let us help you design the perfect Orlando pop-up! Is it a retail space? A dining room? An art gallery? Whatever you need, our Orlando blank canvas event venue can transform your vision into a reality.

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Canvas Event Venue - 1st Floor
Canvas Event Venue - Mezzanine Level
Canvas Event Venue - Outdoor Patio
  • First Floor

  • Mezzanine

  • Outdoor Patio

Our Canvas

Canvas is quickly becoming the premier blank canvas event venue in Orlando, FL. Our sleek and modern, multi-floor venue can easily be transformed into the experience of a lifetime. At Canvas every event is a masterpiece!

  • Custom themes & decor
  • Projection surfaces
  • Custom lighting
  • Drapery & backdrops

Pop-Up Shops

Pop-up retail shops combine shopping with a limited-time experience for a unique day out. With our expansive square footage, you can turn Canvas into a market or bazaar for artisans and makers to sell their creations. Choose to keep the space private and create a luxury boutique experience to showcase your brand.

Pop-Up Dining

Culinary pop-up events including brunches, celebrity chef experiences and food festivals can find a home at Canvas. Turn the blank canvas event venue into an elegant dining room or a fun, vibrant street-food-style market for the day. The chef will have access to our 900 sq. ft. catering prep space, complete with hot boxes and stainless-steel work surfaces.

Art Galleries

What do most art galleries have in common? They don’t distract from the art. At Canvas, our sleek white walls already have that minimalist art gallery feel. All they’re missing is the masterpiece — to be provided by you! Give visitors a day of fine art in a worthy venue to improve their experience and get collectors buying.


Get your visitors involved with a pop-up exhibition. These informal artistic events encourage conversation and interaction — and they need a venue that does the same. With massive projection space, theatrical and LED lighting, we can create an immersive experience for your guests.


Yoga, meditation, fitness, or dance — our simple, clean Orlando venue has plenty of space for people to move and stretch. Use mirrors to create a functional dance studio or keep the space clear of distractions for a more Zen vibe. With indoor and outdoor space, yogis and peace-seekers can practice in the cool gallery or in the warm sun.


Take humidity and sudden summer storms out of the equation by hosting a beer festival or wine tasting in our comfortably air-conditioned space. Enormous windows in the atrium and mezzanine let in plenty of natural light, bringing the outdoors in. Our large open space will let you create the right flow for your guests from arrival to departure.

Rent a Pop-Up Space

Bright natural light, crisp white walls, and three distinct levels make this blank canvas stand out. Over 15,000 sq. ft. of indoor space are available, plus an outdoor patio for additional event space or as a snack and dining area. If that sounds too big, we can use drapery or dividers to section off an area of the gallery, making it more intimate and compact. Canvas comes equipped with a rigged ceiling so the lighting can be arranged exactly as you’d like.

Place spotlights on the most important pieces of art or use LED lights to cast the gallery in a calming glow for a yoga session. For any large booths, artwork, or boxes of merchandise, an attached cargo dock makes loading and unloading easy. Our popup venue is located within a short drive of Downtown Orlando. A private parking lot with 120 spaces makes it extra convenient. We are also a full-service Orlando corporate event venue, Orlando wedding and reception venue, Orlando meeting space, Orlando gala and fundraiser event venue, and Orlando social event venue.

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